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Township News

Mar11, 2017


By | March 11th, 2017|Water Department|



February 7, 2017


Purpose of the meeting:  Regular meeting of the Lockport Township Water Board.


Members Present:

                David Cooper, Chairman

                Wayne Timm, Board Member

                Paul Miller, Board Member

                Lorrie Witt, Board Member

Mark Major, Lockport Township Rep

Pat Burke, McLellan and Strohm, Accountant

Scott King, System Operator

                Rhonda Wright, Secretary


Members Absent:



Call to order:

The February 7, 2017 meeting was called to order by Chairman David Cooper at 7:01 p.m.


Agenda Approval:

Wayne Timm made a motion to approve the agenda as submitted.  Mark Major seconded the motion.  All in favor, motion passed.


Meeting Minutes:

Lorrie Witt made a motion to accept the 1/3/2017 meeting minutes as written.  Paul Miller   seconded the motion.  All in favor, motion passed.


Accountant’s report:

  1. Accounts Receivable: Pat Burke said her office has received calls from water customers who want to be added to the call list for boil water notices. She spoke with a gentleman who owns two rental properties and would like to be added to the list.  One renter is pregnant and one is elderly.  The elderly renter does not use media for a source of information.  She is asking for direction from the board since the stipulation was for medical reasons or a business dependent on the water.  Pat also asked who will make the phone calls should she or her staff not be available.  Scott King said he can make the calls and that David Cooper has the emergency list with contact names.  A child care provider has also been asked to be on the list and Lorrie Witt feels this would be an acceptable reason to be added to the list.  Lorrie Witt suggested the landlord should sign up for the Blog and be responsible for contacting his renters if needed.    
  2. Accounts Payable: Pat Burke stated the monthly bills are the normal bills and are in the amount of $12,721.76. The bill for Bender Electric was for work performed on the pump.  Lorrie Witt made a motion to pay the bills in the amount of $12,721.76.  Paul Miller seconded the motion.  All in favor, motion passed.
  3. Financial Statements: Pat Burke presented the financial statements. 

                 Total Assets:             $7,216,489.47

                 Total Liabilities:       $120,057.96

                 Fund Balance:          $7,096,431.51

                 Monthly Expenses: $12,721.76

        Revenues are slightly less and expenses are up compared to last year but expenses are close the budget amount. 

Lorrie Witt made a motion to accept the Financial Statements as presented. Wayne Timm seconded the motion.  All in favor, motion passed.

  1. The system operation hours were 97.50. Lorrie Witt remarked that the hours look within reason.  The figure of -21.09% of water pumped but not billed during the 4th quarter was due to hydrant flushing.  Wayne Timm asked about a nitrate levels report that Jennifer with JPR had previously provided to the Board.  Scott King will now prepare the report and provide to the Board.
  2. Miss Dig totaled four hours for the month of January.
  3. There have been 44 shut off notices sent with 9 scheduled shut offs to be done. Lyal Ward has not made contact with the office nor paid his bill in the last week.
  4. No correspondence was received for the month other than the usual related business materials.


System Operator’s report: 

  1. Scott King has been checking pumps daily, completed one meter repair, flushed end hydrants, did the monthly water sample, and did the quarterly nitrate sample. All samples were good with the nitrate sample well below the required maximum of 10 parts per million. The State requires well 3 be sampled on a quarterly basis. 
  2. Northern Pump Company has made repairs to loose wires and corrected the problem of the modems not communication correctly. The repairs have corrected the problem with the pump. 


 Old Business:

  1. Pat Burke said the new contact system from Miss Dig is working well and she is happy with the result.
  2. David Cooper provided the document showing requirements to connect to water service. The $1,695 fee is to become part of the water service, the MXU, the meter, the yoke, and for Pat Burke’s office to set up the account.  Lorrie Witt would like to see fees charged based on size of home.  These requirements are for residential hook up and for business hook up there are separate requirements. 
  3. David Cooper made a motion to charge customers $250 for checking water service and testing the water samples should a customer request. Wayne Timm seconded the motion.  All in favor, motion passed.


New Business:

  1. Lorrie Witt questioned if generators started during the power outage in January and if there would be any problems when the power is restored after an outage. The generators do not shut off for approximately 2 minutes which helps stop possible power surges. 


Visitor’s comments:

There were no comments.



Wayne Timm made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 8:02 p.m.  Paul Miller seconded the motion.  All in favor, motion passed.


Respectfully Submitted,



Rhonda Wright







Minutes Approved 3-7-2017

Feb20, 2017

Lockport Township Regular Meeting Minutes 01/09/2017

By | February 20th, 2017|General Information|



January 9, 2017


Purpose of the meeting:  Regular monthly meeting of the Lockport Township Board.


Members Present:  Mark Major, Melissa Major, Mike Friesner, Beccy Friesner, Tammy Babcock,

                                    Theresa Gherna-Ankey, Paul Bungart, Doug Kuhlman, Dale Hutson, Rhonda Wright


Members Absent: None


Call to order: The January 9, 2017 meeting was called to order by Supervisor Mark Major at 7:00 p.m.


Mark Major lead the Pledge of Allegiance


Approval of Agenda:  Mike Friesner made a motion to accept the agenda as presented.  Tammy Babcock seconded the motion.  MOTION CARRIED 5-0.


Approval of Minutes:  Tammy Babcock made a motion to accept the meeting minutes of December 12, 2016 as presented.  Mike Friesner seconded the motion.  MOTION CARRIED 5-0.


Public Comments:

  1. Melissa Frye, 17135 Woodside Lane.  Melissa Frye is asking the Board to reconsider their stance on the proposed sports complex.  As a teacher, she believes the complex would be beneficiary to children.  She also believes the sports complex would benefit the majority of the people and would have economic benefits.    After reviewing documents pertaining to the annexation, she feels the expenses paid to date of approximately $50,000 are a misuse of taxpayer money.  She pointed out a nonresident of the Township has been calling the Township Attorney and the Township is charged for each of these calls.  She provided a poster showing her pros and cons, which included as pros economic growth, make the community a destination place, show dedication to the youth, and supporting the growth and development of the youth.  Cons included kids, trash, noise, lights and spending taxpayer money.  As for the cons, she feels these would still be a factor if the property was developed as residential. 
  2. TJ Baker, 17223 Cherokee Trail. TJ Baker also spoke in support of the sports complex.  He too is concerned about the amount of money the Township has spent so far.  He is asking the Board to direct the Attorney to only talk (listen) to the residents of the Township and not nonresidents.


Enforcement Officer Report:

  1. Doug Kuhlman provided the Board with a yearly Zoning Administration permit lot and the Zoning permits issued by Jurisdiction report. 
  2. There was no monthly code enforcement report as no enforcement work was done in the month of December.
  3. A letter to the Township Board regarding purchasing the property located at 58669 Ash Road was presented. The current owners would like the Township to purchase the property as they are in the process of a divorce.  This property is located within the area the Township is trying to revitalize as a manufactured housing community.  Doug Kuhlman provided a map showing properties in the area already purchased by the Township along with two properties currently in litigation.  He recommends the Township purchase the property at an offer of $3,500. Mike Friesner made a motion to purchase the property.  Paul Bungart seconded the motion.  Roll call vote:  Theresa-Yes, Mike-yes, Tammy-yes, Paul-yes, Mark-no.  MOTION CARRIED 4-1.
  4. A letter to the Township Board was presented for the property located at 56808 North Main. This letter recommended the Township exercise “First Right of Refusal” at the upcoming tax sale. Due to the fact, the Township has a lien on the property, the Township has the option to pay the delinquent taxes and acquire the property.  If the first right of refusal is not exercised, the property will then go up for tax sale.  There could be a possibility that the property is bought for less than the Township lien resulting in the Township losing money on the demolition costs already placed as a lien.  Theresa Gherna-Ankey questioned if the property can be used for anything other than leaving as vacant land.  This parcel can be developed as permitted in the zoning ordinances.  Approximate cost to purchase would be $3,500 to $4,000. Paul Bungart made a motion to purchase the property using the first right of refusal option. Theresa Gherna-Ankey seconded the motion.  Roll call vote:  Mike-yes, Mark-yes, Paul-yes, Tammy-yes, Theresa-yes.  MOTION CARRIED 5-0.  Mark Major made a motion for Mike Friesner to attend the tax sale and purchase the property.  Tammy Babcock seconded the motion.  All in favor.  MOTION CARRIED 5-0.



Assessors Report: 

  1. Dale Hutson provided the Analysis for Equalized Valuation report for Lockport Township.  He went on the explain that agriculture properties are going down 1.5% with commercial property up 8%, industrial property up 6%, and residential up 7.2%.    The taxable value cannot be higher than state equalized value. 
  2. Dale Hutson reviewed the AMR letter stating one item did not pass. The report was missing the signature of the secretary of the review board.  This should always be signed by the secretary and not the assessor.  He will reply by the due date stating this will be corrected going forward. 


Treasurers Report and Bills: 

  1. Mike Friesner reported the following monthly cash statement.

Checking balance $4,116.36 with $15,395.86 transferred from SMB account and checks drawn in the amount of $17,228.43.  Outstanding checks in the amount of $530.00.  Balance of accounts to date are checking account $1,753.75; SMB savings account $245,627.97 ($92,000 for fire truck fund, revenue Sharing ck $49,663.00 included in balance); Flagstar savings account $247,422.60; Horizon Bank CD $177,309.92; Kellogg Community Credit Union CD $75,359.39 and Three Rivers Banking Center CD $111,343.61 for a total of $858,817.28. 

Mike Friesner made a motion to accept the treasurers report as presented and pay the bills.  Paul Bungart seconded the motion.  MOTION CARRIED 5-0.

  1. Mike Friesner reported that he will now present the approved minutes of the 12/12/2016 Board meeting to the savings institutions to change the signature cards as noted in the minutes.
  2. The Horizon Bank certificate of deposit matured and has been rolled over at the rate of 0.50%.


P.A. 116:  Tammy Babcock reported she has received three applications for P.A. 116 approval.  Mike Friesner made a motion to approve forwarding the applications to the county for approvals.  Paul Bungart seconded the motion.  Roll call vote:  Tammy-yes, Paul-yes, Theresa-yes, Mike-yes, Mark-yes.  MOTION CARRIED 5-0.


Board of Review Reappointments:  The Board of Review members need to be reappointed every 2 years prior to the March review.  Mark Major made the motion to appoint Jim Tolfree, LouElla Hamilton and Gordon Adair as members with Charles Ross and Ervin Haithcock alternative members.  Mike Friesner seconded the motion.  Roll call vote:  Paul-yes, Mike-yes, Tammy-yes, Mark-yes, Theresa-yes. MOTION CARRIED 5-0.


Dump Passes for 2017: 

  1. As reported by Tammy Babcock last month, she received notice from Waste Management on an increase in fees.  However, they did not indicate the new rate.
  2. Dale Hutson will provide agricultural and residential property listing to Paul Bungart, Theresa Gherna-Ankney and Tammy Babock. Any Board member handing out a pass will contact Paul and Theresa with the information.
  3. Eligible property owners can receive two passes per year. Waste Management will bill the Township for only the passes used during the year.  The passes are good for the entire year.

Tammy Babcock made a motion to provide two passes to eligible property owners.  Mark Major seconded the motion.  Roll call vote:  Mike-yes, Mark-yes, Tammy-yes, Theresa-yes, Paul-yes.  MOTION CARRIED 5-0.


Committee Reports:

  1. Community Development-No meeting in December. 
  2. Intergovernmental Relations-Paul Bungart attending the meeting. Upcoming Chamber presentations are a leadership meeting and a building powerful team’s seminar.  The Chamber is offering discounted hockey tickets for the KWings game on 2/3/2016.  Tickets can be purchased at the Chamber office.
  3. Nottawa Library-Mike Friesner reported there are 30,096 items in the collection, the computer usage was 186, the library loaned out 226 items, and 2,150 people used the library. Lockport residents used the library 6,124 times in 2016, 403 in December.  The library donut day will be 1/18/2017.  They also offer a yoga program. 
  4. Planning/ZBA-Paul Bungart attended the planning board meeting. Meeting dates for 2017 and officers for 2017 were approved.  Meetings will be held in April, July and October.  The budget was discussed and will be approved during the April meeting.  The zoning board will meet on 2/9/2017 at 7:00 p.m. to begin the starting of the master plan.  The Planning Board is asking for a $10 per meeting raise.  Paul Bungart did not vote at this time because he will be voting at the Township level.  All other members voted for the pay raise.  The reasoning behind requesting a raise is because in 2016 they did not spend all of their budget. Mark Major tabled this item until next month for further due diligence. 
  5. SMCCI-No meeting in December.
  6. Three Rivers Library-Joe Nowicki attended the 12/21/2016 meeting at the Library. On 1/26/2017 a strategic planning meeting will be held.  7,732 people used the library, 4,287 items are in circulation, 497 e books were checked out, 183 children attended programs, there are 1,179 cardholders, the computers were used 1,139 and 419 items are on loan.  The library is waiting on design firm quotes and the staff is working on cleaning out old books.  The library fund has just over $1 million in funds.  Ancestry database has been renewed for another year.  Library staffing has been cut recently, however the new director has reviewed the budget, made a few adjustments (cutting some magazine subscriptions) and feels an increase in scheduled hours can be done.  The city is pushing the need to move from the current library location as the county would like to buy the building to expand the Commission on Aging.  Per the COA, they do not need the room and the library director, staff and board members do not want to move.  Some updating to the building would need to be done if they do not move.  The current Horizon Bank building on Portage Ave is an option along with Southern Michigan Bank building on Main St. 
  7. Centreville Fire Department: Mark Major attended the meeting and provided copies of the 2016/2017 and 2017/2018 budget proposals.  The 2017/2018 budget includes capital outlay for equipment increase from $6,750 in 2016 to $34,000 in 2017.  The increase would be applied toward the future purchase of a new pump to be installed on the existing truck.  The current pumper truck has an outdated pump and the department would like to upgrade for repair cost savings.  Lockport Townships share of ownership is .188% and the proposed budget would be $33,667.12.  All other budget items are in line with previous years’ budgets. 

Mike Friesner made a motion to approve the budget as proposed in the amount of $33,667.12.  Paul Bungart seconded the motion.  Roll call vote:  Tammy-yes, Paul-yes, Theresa-yes, Mike-yes, Mark-yes.  MOTION CARRIED 5-0.

  1. Water Department-Mark Major attending the water board meetings on 12/21/2016 and 1/3/2016. North American Pump Company attending the 12/21 meeting as a possible new company offering supplies and repair services.  Pat Burke explained that the recent audit presented by Seber Tans was not correct in reporting the water department does not have segregation of duties.  Her office does delegate different duties to staff so segregation is within compliance standards.  The Board approved changing the semimonthly meetings to monthly meetings beginning in February.  Repairs and maintenance of the system is continuing.  The operators are doing a good job.
  2. Website-Melissa Major reported the Township Board meeting agenda is posted on the website 24 hours prior to the monthly meeting.


Old Business:  None


New Business:  None


Adjournment: Mike Friesner made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 8:31 p.m.  Tammy Babcock seconded the motion.  MOTION CARRIED 5-0.


The next regular scheduled meeting is 2/13/2017 at the Township hall. 


Respectfully Submitted,



Rhonda Wright

Deputy Clerk



Minutes Approved:  2-13-2017