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Assessing, Tax and Delinquent Tax info

Below is the website location for Assessing, Tax and Delinquent Tax info.


https://is.bsasoftware.com  – Select “Search Municipalities” – Navigate to St. Joseph County and Lockport Township


Instructions for this site:  Property owner – Create an account and receive a password to view your property info free.

Others – record viewing may cost $2/record


Free Info Searching for: Owners, Addresses, Sales, Assessed & Taxable Values, Property Descriptions & Maps may be viewed for free at: http://www.stjosephcountymi.org/taxsearch



Lockport Treasurer

Welcome to the Lockport Township Treasurer’s page. Mike Friesner is the Treasurer and my wife Beccy is my Deputy.  You can contact us at (269-467-9616) , you can ask for either of us, and if you leave a message we will try to respond as soon as possible.

Please be sure to leave your name, phone number and when you can be reached.

We work from our place of residence, therefore we do not list regular hours, no saturdays please, and by appointment on any of the other 6 days including Sunday.

The Dates we will be in our Office (20381 M86 Centreville) to Collect 2015/2016

Available times for paying 2015  past due SUMMER and current WINTER TAXES without Appointment, are:

8am to 6pm (wednesday) 12-30-2015,

8am to 6pm (thursday) 12-31-2015,

8am to 6pm (monday) 2-15-2016, 

8am to 6pm (tuesday) 2-16-2016, it is also the Last Day for Winter 2015 Taxes without penalty.

On or after March 1, 2016 all 2015 Summer and Winter Taxes become delinquent and are payable to the St. Joseph County Treasurer ONLY with an Administration Fee of 4% (min. $1.00) and interest per month added until paid.

All other times by Appointment: (no saturdays please) Our Office is closed on all Saturdays!

If you mail in your Taxes and want a receipt, other than your canceled check, you MUST supply a self addressed, stamped envelope with your payment.

Primary Resident Exemption Forms are also available at our office and at the Assessor’s Office.

Our mailing address is:

Mike Friesner, Treasurer

20381  M-86

Centreville, MI 49032

Phone# 269-467-9616           Fax# 269-467-4346

Burn Permit information for City of Three Rivers Fire Department

City of Three Rivers Fire Department

333 W. Michigan Avenue

Three Rivers, MI 49093

Emergency call   911


Fax: 269-278-6808



April 1, 2014



Lockport Township Burn Permits


With the transition to fire protection coverage from the City of Three Rivers Fire Department, it will no longer be necessary for Lockport Township residents to call in for a burn permit. Since Lockport Township residents will no longer be charged for a fire response, the permit process is no longer necessary.

Please contact the Three Rivers Fire Department if you have any questions on what you are burning . They can help guide you to proper burning.


   Residents are reminded that Public Act 102 of 2012 was signed into law on April 19, 2012, prohibiting the open burning of household trash that contains plastic, rubber, foam, chemically treated wood, textiles, electronics, chemicals or hazardous materials. The burning of these household trash items pose a danger to human health and the environment. The changes took effect on October 16 and contain penalty provisions, which may be enforced by local units of government, should a local ordinance not exist.

Residents are also reminded to be responsible with open burning of leaves and brush. Fires should be supervised until extinguished, and weather conditions should be taken into consideration before starting an open burn. Refrain from burning during dry conditions




Lockport Water Department

The Lockport Water Department holds monthly meetings on the FIRST Tuesday of the month, 7 pm, at the Lockport Township Hall.

Household Trash Burning


A Guide for Reducing Trash Burning in Your Community

Learn Not to Burn HomeIntroductionExamples of Trash Burning Reduction Programs Trash Burning Laws in the Great Lakes States Model Ordinances Regulating Household Trash Burning Education and Outreach Materials The Western Lake Superior Sanitary District Toolkit Solid Waste Management Infrastructures and Alternatives Acknowledgments Evaluation Form Disposal of household garbage by burning continues to be common practice in rural communities. This practice goes by many names, including backyard burning, burn barrels, and household garbage burning. But whatever name is used, the reality is that this practice is harmful to humans and our environment.Smoke from burning waste contains many pollutants that can impact Bernie the logothe health of people exposed to it, including hydrogen cyanide, sulfur dioxide, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, benzene, lead, mercury, dioxin and many others. These pollutants may damage the lungs, nervous system, kidneys and liver. Even healthy people may experience symptoms of burning eyes, headaches, nausea, fatigue or dizziness. Toxic chemicals from trash burning deposit into aquatic or terrestrial environment and contribute to pollution in the region’s rivers and lakes.Backyard burning also triggers numerous wildfires and can be nuisance to neighbors. This prevalence of garbage burning may affect states’ and municipalities’ ability to meet air quality standards. To order a CD version of this toolkit, visit our Products page. If you would like more information, please contact Erin Newman of U.S. EPA Region 5 at newman.erin@epa.gov. Additional information about backyard burning in the Great Lakes Region is available online at http://www.openburning.org. Evaluation form can be filled out electronically and emailed toLaura Kammin mailed to: Laura Kammin Illinois-Indiana Sea Grant 1101 W Peabody Dr Urbana, IL 61801

Courtesy of Illinois-Indiana Sea Grant College Program University of Illinois 1101 W. Peabody Drive 350 National Soybean Research Center, MC-635 Urbana, IL 61801 Ph: 217.333.6444 | Fax: 217.333.8046 | iisg@illinois.edu

Three Rivers Public Library

You are invited to check out the Three Rivers Public Library. Whether it be in person or by the web. There are many programs happening. So stop on in or check out the web site for up-comming programs :


All Lockport Residents are elligble for a Three Rivers Public Library card..

Stop in and say Hello to our new Library Director  Mellissa McPherson.

Assessing Data and Property Tax Information

The  Assessor’s Office is pleased to announce that the Assessing Data and Tax information is now available on the internet. The information has been made available through a partnership with Lockport Township and BS&A Software.

This information will be free of charge for all property owners to view their own detailed information.

All property owners wishing to use this feature on the website will need to create an ” user account “.  at   http://LockportTwp.is.bsasoftware.com

Anyone wishing to view additional properties can do so for an additional fee of $2 per parcel. This can be set up from the BS&A website.

Also, St Joseph County has limited Assessing Data and Tax Information free on their website     http://stjosephcountymi.org/taxsearch/

If you have any other tax information questions you may contact:

Assessor……     Dale Hutson    @ 269-432-2834

Treasurer …….. Mike Friesner. @  269.467.9616  or fax  : 269.467.4346

State Highway Pot Hole Reporting

The State of Michigan would like your help in locating pot holes that you may encounter on your travels. The link below will allow you to report them to the proper person and get them repaired.


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Message from the Township Assessor


Message from the Township Assessor Jaime Hutson

The Assessor’s Office is responsible for identifying and valuing all taxable property. Each year, we produce the assessment rolls and the property tax rolls in accordance with Michigan’s General Property Tax Law.

According to state law, all cities, villages, and townships must employ a state-certified assessor to discover, list and evaluate all properties within its jurisdiction. Using mathematical equations (created and regulated by the state), the assessor then determines a professional estimate of the fair market or “true cash” value for all real and personal property located within the Township boundaries. True cash value means “the usual selling price that could be obtained for the property at a private, non-forced sale.” The actual purchase price paid for a property is not its sole indicator of value, according to state law.

The assessor does not create value. Value is determined by the economic forces in the market. The assessor studies the sales transactions of the real estate market and appraises all property on the basis of: 1) market trends, 2) Tax Commission guidelines, and 3) state law.

Every year the Assessor’s office estimates the value of each parcel of property as of “Tax Day” (set by state law as December 31), and sends a “Notice of Assessment, Taxable Valuation, and Property Classification” to all property owners in early March. The notice lists three values for each property: Assessed Value, State Equalized Value and Taxable Value. Assessed and State Equalized values are usually the same and represent 50% of True Cash Value.

These values are determined by market conditions and may increase or decrease accordingly. Taxable Value may be quite different from the first two values and is affected by Proposal A. It is the Taxable Value, however, that determines the property tax when multiplied by the applicable millage rate.

In 1994, Michigan voters passed Proposal A, which places a limit or “cap” on the Taxable Value. Under Proposal A, if there is no sale or transfer of ownership, or no improvements made to the property, its Taxable Value cannot increase more than the consumer price index or 5%, whichever is less. If there is a transfer of ownership, then the cap is removed, and the Taxable Value can increase to the State Equalized Value the year following the transfer. Improvements to a property such as an addition or new garage can also be added to a parcel’s Taxable Value.

Every property owner has the right to appeal the value on the assessment notice to the Board of Review, which meets the second week of March each year. The exact times and dates are listed on the assessment notice.

Property owners can schedule an appointment to meet with the board or send a written appeal. Written requests must be received by the first day of the Board of Review. Citizens appearing before the Board of Review are advised to bring information that substantiates their claim of over-assessment, such as photographs, appraisals, and listings of comparable sold property. All persons who appeal are notified in writing of the decision of the Board of Review. Any decision of the Board of Review may be appealed to the Michigan Tax Tribunal. If you have any questions regarding your assessment, please contact me.

Jaime Hutson

12472 Millers Mill Road

Constantine MI 49042

(269) 435-7268