NOVEMBER 15, 2016


Purpose of the meeting:  Regular meeting of the Lockport Township Water Board.


Members Present:

                David Cooper, Chairman

                Wayne Timm, Board Member

                Lorrie Witt, Board Member

                Paul Miller, Board Member

                Mark Major, Lockport Township Rep

Pat Burke, McLellan and Strohm, Accountant

                Rhonda Wright, Secretary


Members Absent:



Call to order:

The November 15, 2016 meeting was called to order by Chairman David Cooper at 7:01 p.m.


Agenda Approval:

Wayne Timm made a motion to approve the agenda as submitted.  Lorrie Witt seconded the motion.  All in favor, motion passed.


Meeting Minutes:

Lorrie Witt made a motion to accept the 11/1/2016 meeting minutes as written.  Wayne Timm seconded the motion.  All in favor, motion passed.


Accountant’s report:

  1. Accounts Payable:  Pat Burke received a bill from JPR on 11/14/2016, previously billed 10/4/2016, showing the check had not been received by their office.  The board agreed to place a stop payment on previous check and reissue.  The City of Three Rivers also did not receive their funds from October billing.  Since approval was made at the 11/1/2016 board meeting to reissue the check, Pat Burke will place a stop payment on previous check and reissue.  Pat reported that expenses are higher this year than in 2015 and stated that water usage revenue is higher than budgeted.      
  2. Accounts Receivable:  Pat Burke stated that Lyal Ward has paid the original amount due on the delinquent billing, however since Scott King was not at meeting he could not give any further update.      
  3. Financial Reports:   The financial report shows $7,266,710.71 in total assets with $14,916 for monthly accounts payable of which $3,031 are wages.  A certificate of deposit in the amount of $158,065.74 matured and will be moved to Arbor Financial on 11/17/2016.  There is still $90,000 plus interest owed on the capital improvement bond.   
  4. There has been 70 shut off notices issued. 
  5. Miss Dig:  There have been 7 Miss Dig requests since the last meeting. 
  6. Correspondence:  Pat Burke indicated that the only correspondence received have been the accounts payable bills.     


Lorrie Witt made a motion to pay outstanding bills in the amount of $14,916.  Paul Miller seconded the motion.  All in favor, motion passed. 


System Operator’s report:

  1. Bacteria samples have been completed are at acceptable levels.
  2. The contractor has been contacted to repair the hydrant on Wilbur Road but the work has not been completed to date.
  3. David Cooper said he has contacted Doug Kuhlman regarding the grant money available but he is waiting to hear the amount.
  4. The DEQ is questioning assessment reports from May and July. Further information should be coming.
  5. The $32 quarterly fee charged to Tamarac customers was required from the DEQ at the time the water system was installed. Paul Miller provided Mark Major with a letter so a Township can decide to pursue any FOIA requests.  Wayne Timm would like all customers to be charged a fee at the end of the bond to use toward future maintenance.  David Cooper said this would be referred back to the Township Board for an determination when the time comes. 
  6. David Cooper questioned whether the bond can be paid off early using current liquid assets since this money belongs to all 711 customers not just Tamarac customers. Upon further discussion, it was determined that the language within the bond states it cannot be paid off early.  The bond matures 9/2019. 
  7. Pat Burke did receive a phone call asking about the current safety of the water.
  8. David Cooper read a letter of resignation from Jim Tolfree.


Old Business:

  1. The invoices have been updated with the new system operator’s information and the numbers for Miss Dig.  Pat Burke will order the new supply.
  2. Pat Burke has received the operators new credit card and has activated the account.
  3. Currently 147 people have signed up for the Water Department Blog.
  4. A boil water notification list for customers who depend on the water for business use, nursing home, school and medical equipment will be compiled. A notice will be included in the next billing cycle notifying customers to contact the Water Department if they are needing to be added to the list for medical reasons during a failure.  Pat Burke will bring wording for the notice to the next meeting for approval.  It is not always possible to post this information on the Blog immediatley.  Scott King, Greg Millard and David Cooper will make the phone calls should there be a failure. 
  5. Mark Major will be the new Lockport Township representative and Wayne Timm will be a Board Member.


New Business:

  1. Sprint no longer sends a monthly bill via mail which caused the operators phone to be shut off temporarily. Lorrie Witt suggested the monthly payment be set up with payment from the credit card.  Pat Burke does receive a notification every time there is a credit card charge.  She will set up for automatic payment. 
  2. David Cooper provided the new message pads that the operator will leave at a customer’s home. These will give the necessary information as to who was at the property and how to contact that person.
  3. Since the election is now over, Pat Burke will update bank signature cards. This will be done after 11/20/2016 when the new Township Board is sworn in. 
  4. The certificate of deposit with Century Bank has been closed and will be moved to Arbor Financial.
  5. As indicated on the water billing, the payment is the 21st of the month, but because of past problems with the mail Pat Burke does check the postage date if received within a few days of the 21st. If US Post Office mark is on or before the due date, late fees are not charged.  If the bill is late a 10% late fee is charged to the account and may be paid with the next quarterly billing. There is a $30 shut off notice fee added for sending the shut off notice.  Before water service can be restored after having been shut off the customer must pay the bill amount plus the late fee, shut off notice fee, disconnect fee and reconnection fees.  Should the customer pay the bill immediately while the operator is still within the area and before the water has been shut off, the reconnection fee will not be charged. 
  6. Paul Miller has ordered 3 safety vests.


 Visitor’s Comments:

Irene Gunnick addressed the Board regarding her account.  She has an automatic payment set up for $110 per quarter, however the bill was an additional $14.98.  This was not paid, resulting in the late fee, shut office notice fee, disconnect fee and the reconnection fee being charged to the customer.  A certified letter was sent to the customer indicating water would be shut off 11/5/2016.  The certified letter shows signed by Roger Gunnick but they are disputing with the postal service the signature.  Roger Gunnick was at work at said delivery time.  The letter was signed for on 10/28/2016 but she did not find until 11/6/2016, the same day as shut off.  After the water was shut off, she made payment at McLellan and Strohm’s office who in turned contacted the operator and water was restored the same day.  She is requesting that the fees be removed because the payment was only shorted $14.98.  The Board approved a credit of the $30 reconnection fee because Dave and Scott were still in the area when the account balance was paid.  The Board denied a credit for disconnection fee.  Lorrie Witt stated that when the initial Water Board regulations were established it stated the Township requires all bills to be paid in full at the due date.  A suggestion was made to make the bills not due on a weekend.  Notices regarding late fees, disconnect fees and reconnection fees are provided on the back of the bill. 



Wayne Timm made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 8:16 p.m.  Paul Miller seconded the motion.  All in favor, motion passed.


Respectfully Submitted,



Rhonda Wright







Minutes Approved: 12-6-2016 as amended to show the Accountant’s Report (C)

Total Assets       $7,266,710.71

Total Liabilities $120,527.09

Fund Balance     $7,146,183.62