February 7, 2017


Purpose of the meeting:  Regular meeting of the Lockport Township Water Board.


Members Present:

                David Cooper, Chairman

                Wayne Timm, Board Member

                Paul Miller, Board Member

                Lorrie Witt, Board Member

Mark Major, Lockport Township Rep

Pat Burke, McLellan and Strohm, Accountant

Scott King, System Operator

                Rhonda Wright, Secretary


Members Absent:



Call to order:

The February 7, 2017 meeting was called to order by Chairman David Cooper at 7:01 p.m.


Agenda Approval:

Wayne Timm made a motion to approve the agenda as submitted.  Mark Major seconded the motion.  All in favor, motion passed.


Meeting Minutes:

Lorrie Witt made a motion to accept the 1/3/2017 meeting minutes as written.  Paul Miller   seconded the motion.  All in favor, motion passed.


Accountant’s report:

  1. Accounts Receivable: Pat Burke said her office has received calls from water customers who want to be added to the call list for boil water notices. She spoke with a gentleman who owns two rental properties and would like to be added to the list.  One renter is pregnant and one is elderly.  The elderly renter does not use media for a source of information.  She is asking for direction from the board since the stipulation was for medical reasons or a business dependent on the water.  Pat also asked who will make the phone calls should she or her staff not be available.  Scott King said he can make the calls and that David Cooper has the emergency list with contact names.  A child care provider has also been asked to be on the list and Lorrie Witt feels this would be an acceptable reason to be added to the list.  Lorrie Witt suggested the landlord should sign up for the Blog and be responsible for contacting his renters if needed.    
  2. Accounts Payable: Pat Burke stated the monthly bills are the normal bills and are in the amount of $12,721.76. The bill for Bender Electric was for work performed on the pump.  Lorrie Witt made a motion to pay the bills in the amount of $12,721.76.  Paul Miller seconded the motion.  All in favor, motion passed.
  3. Financial Statements: Pat Burke presented the financial statements. 

                 Total Assets:             $7,216,489.47

                 Total Liabilities:       $120,057.96

                 Fund Balance:          $7,096,431.51

                 Monthly Expenses: $12,721.76

        Revenues are slightly less and expenses are up compared to last year but expenses are close the budget amount. 

Lorrie Witt made a motion to accept the Financial Statements as presented. Wayne Timm seconded the motion.  All in favor, motion passed.

  1. The system operation hours were 97.50. Lorrie Witt remarked that the hours look within reason.  The figure of -21.09% of water pumped but not billed during the 4th quarter was due to hydrant flushing.  Wayne Timm asked about a nitrate levels report that Jennifer with JPR had previously provided to the Board.  Scott King will now prepare the report and provide to the Board.
  2. Miss Dig totaled four hours for the month of January.
  3. There have been 44 shut off notices sent with 9 scheduled shut offs to be done. Lyal Ward has not made contact with the office nor paid his bill in the last week.
  4. No correspondence was received for the month other than the usual related business materials.


System Operator’s report: 

  1. Scott King has been checking pumps daily, completed one meter repair, flushed end hydrants, did the monthly water sample, and did the quarterly nitrate sample. All samples were good with the nitrate sample well below the required maximum of 10 parts per million. The State requires well 3 be sampled on a quarterly basis. 
  2. Northern Pump Company has made repairs to loose wires and corrected the problem of the modems not communication correctly. The repairs have corrected the problem with the pump. 


 Old Business:

  1. Pat Burke said the new contact system from Miss Dig is working well and she is happy with the result.
  2. David Cooper provided the document showing requirements to connect to water service. The $1,695 fee is to become part of the water service, the MXU, the meter, the yoke, and for Pat Burke’s office to set up the account.  Lorrie Witt would like to see fees charged based on size of home.  These requirements are for residential hook up and for business hook up there are separate requirements. 
  3. David Cooper made a motion to charge customers $250 for checking water service and testing the water samples should a customer request. Wayne Timm seconded the motion.  All in favor, motion passed.


New Business:

  1. Lorrie Witt questioned if generators started during the power outage in January and if there would be any problems when the power is restored after an outage. The generators do not shut off for approximately 2 minutes which helps stop possible power surges. 


Visitor’s comments:

There were no comments.



Wayne Timm made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 8:02 p.m.  Paul Miller seconded the motion.  All in favor, motion passed.


Respectfully Submitted,



Rhonda Wright







Minutes Approved 3-7-2017