Zoning – Ordinance – Permits – Code Compliance Officer

Doug Kuhlman
Municipal Zoning Administrator
Code Compliance Officer
65656 Burg Rd.
Sturgis, MI 49091
Phone: 269.651.3130
Fax: 269.651.3131
Email: municipalzoning@gmail.com

Michael Haydon

Code Compliance Officer

P.O. Box 164

Constantine, MI 49042

Phone: 269.435.8505

Email: ordinanceofficer@gmail.com  

Building Permits

Joe Wickey
62484 Kuhlmeyer Rd
Centreville, MI. 49032



Or contact Doug  Kuhlman:
Phone: 269.651.3130

Zoning Permit Applications

Plot Plan Application

This application is used for projects for residential use a few examples are:

New construction of homes, garages, pole barns, sheds, swimming pools, privacy fences.

Site Plan Application

This application is used for projects involving commercial structures, special use permits.

Property Line Adjustments

This application is used when a property owner is moving a boundary line of the property when transferring ownership, or accepting ownership of more  or less land to a parcel.

Zoning Ordinance Amendment

This application is used when someone would like to request a change to one of the following.

  • Text Amendment to the zoning ordinance.
  • Change of the zoning map.

Zoning Board of Appeals

This application is used when an applicant is not satisfied with a decision of the zoning administrator, and desires to be heard by the zoning board of appeals.